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Our letterpress posters make perfect one-size-fits-all gifts, collectibles and colorful room decor, often with experimental hand rolled graphic effect you won't see elsewhere. Typically typographic, they can be printed from any combination of handset wood & metal, photopolymer plates, and any printable objet d'studio that seems appropriate or interesting. Look for poetry, song lyrics, quotations, alphabets, and more. Our Tour de Lead Graffiti poster series are listed separately above. If you like what you see let us know!


Lead Graffiti type collection specimen sheets

Grateful Dead 'Ripple in Still Water'

An auction turns into an afternoon's diversion
. . .$35

Chris Childers' Wedding Wings: A Toast

The author's gift to his brother
. . . $35

Love all, trust a few...

William Shakespeare birthday celebration with a quote in 10 runs / looks like 3
. . . $35

A haw haw haw haw

an afternoon's diversion with ZZ Top's La Grange
. . . $35

Handset type rules

Pay shipping & it is free to schools with letterpress
. . . $35 or free

Alphabet poster #1

An afternoon's diversion handrolling 6" tall wood type
. . . $35