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Our 2014 endurance letterpress poster series paralleling the Tour de France, is one of our most exciting and experimental editions yet, typographically speaking. Posters are available either singly, or as a set housed in our custom, handmade clamshell box. The Yellow Jersey never looked so good! If you like what you see let us know!

Poster frame

for 14.5" x 22.5" Lead Graffiti posters
. . . $45

Stage 1

get your ducks (and your teamates) in a row

Stage 2

size doesn't matter

Stage 3

hard to beat fast

Stage 4

can you abandon for lack of hair gel?

Stage 5

Cobblestones. Oh, my!

Stage 6

maybe this will work

Stage 7

out of the blue

Stage 8

French breakaway win

Stage 9


Stage 10

another one bites the dust

Stage 11

first > last

Stage 12

another breakaway chasedown

Stage 13

Nibali Nibali Nibali

Stage 14

3 mountains 3 stories

Stage 15


Rest day #2

the blurred French landscape

Stage 16

Do you remember your first time?

Stage 17

top of the world

Stage 18

you grow wings

Stage 19

breakaway breakaway

Stage 20

Tony Martin is just plain fast

Stage 21

What a strange journey this has been