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Tour de Lead Graffiti 2013, clamshell box edition of 23 stage posters + composite print

Tour de Lead Graffiti 2013, clamshell box edition of 23 stage posters + composite print

$750 (clamshell box)

23 signed posters printed via letterpress from handset wood & metal type with handrolling / $650 + shipping

     Click image for closeup.

Includes: 23 stage & rest day posters, title page, description page, lettered colophon page, and a composite print

Poster size : 14.5" x 22.5"

Paper : Somerset Textured White, 300 gsm

Runs : 102, excluding signature blocks, plus 12 on additional pages

Clamshell box : covered in special-made Lead Graffiti pastepaper


The idea

For the third consecutive year now, we’ve undertaken a personal project to follow the 2013 Tour de France and visually translate each day’s events into posters printed via letterpress using handset wood & metal type and any other objects we have on hand in our studio.

During our 2011 edition we intended to print 2 runs each day plus the preprinted signature block defining the day/stage/destination/distance. We’ve averaged more than 4 over the 23 posters this year, completing 102 runs.

The schedule

Starting around 6am, the previous day’s poster is scanned, saved in 7 different sizes for various online applications (Lead Graffiti’s archive & online portfolio, blog, store, Facebook, etc.), and then we write the daily online description of the stage events, and how the events translated into the poster.

Around 8:00 am we started watching the live TV feed of the Tour de France on NBCSports. For seventeen of the days we had guest contributors who met at our house to watch the stage. At lunch we would talk about things we saw and heard that would become seeds for the poster’s typography and visuals.

Around 1:00 we headed to the studio to commit those memorable moments to ink on paper. We would hang the previous day’s poster and everyone signs the preprinted signature block for the new day’s poster, mimicking the Tour’s daily sign-in for those who are still in the race.

The layout & printing

The posters are 14.5" x 22.5", printed slowly & patiently via letterpress on Somerset Textured White 300 gsm paper. All of the posters were produced spontaneously without sketches, composed directly on the bed of our 1969 Vandercook Universal III. The least number of total runs for any 2013 poster was 2 (Stage 7) and the most was 9 (Stage 4).

As well as the edition of posters, we include sheets overprinted with each run of every poster, excluding the date/destination lines. The main body has 102 overprints. Additionally, postcards were made from makeready sheets trimmed into random 6" x 4" mailable postcards.

At the final run of each poster, we would note the time as the end of our day. For the 23 posters produced on consecutive days covering the 21 stages and 2 rest days of the Tour, we printed a total of 102 runs with a running time of almost 348 hours, averaging just over 15 hours a day.

The posters plus a title page, description page, composite print and colophon are housed in a custom-made clamshell box wrapped with Lead Graffiti pastepaper that complements the series.

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SHIPPING NOTE : The price options include handling & shipping as stated.

Clamshells are shipped through USPS Priority Mail and are seriously packed in sturdy boxes with clamshell corner protectors.