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Moments Carved in Paper, Book 0, the prospectus for an autobiographical book series
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Moments Carved in Paper, Book 0, the prospectus for an autobiographical book series

. . . $30 (standard edition)

The prospectus is $30, but if you'll buy Books no. 1, 2 & 3 at the same time, we'll give you a copy of the prospectus to keep your set complete.

We established some pricing and purchasing rules early on in this project that ended up being entirely impossible to follow, so things are slowly reconfiguring.

The clamshell image in the photo is not accurate to what we plan to offer. The clamshell edition of the prospectus is only available with the series purchase of the clamshell edition and will contain a copy of Ray's favorite book about creative thinking, "The Universal Traveler."

Clamshell edition copies are not available as individual purchases and can only be purchased with the whole clamshell series.

SHIPPING NOTE : Shipping to the U.S. or oversees is included in the purchase of the books. Choose carefully from the pulldown menu above to reflect proper shipping destinations. The only exception to the above is if you are purchasing multiple copies of the Moments Carved In Paper series (may be different titles) or picking up the books at our Newark, Delaware, studio when you can choose the last option without shipping.

Calculating shipping costs for Internet sales is a nightmare. We are generally charging the highest rate within the various categories. If we've charged you more than $1 extra for the shipping charges than we paid, the difference will be refunded.