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Lead Graffiti workshop gift certificate
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Lead Graffiti workshop gift certificate

good for any workshop that runs during 2015

A Lead Graffiti gift certificate has a variety of options to let you give something quite personal and satisfying to young and old alike. Recipients must be at least 10 years old.

The exciting I-made-this moment that comes at the end of the day will be quite unlike any other experience you can get for the money, especially for our bookmaking workshops. Learning to print via letterpress or assemble a book is also a great way to make your very own personal gifts for friends and family. Often simply covering a hand sewn book or other item with hand painted art or a meaningful image can double the specialness.

Workshops offered from January - June 2015 include:



All of our Lead Graffiti workshops also offer a great opportunity for someone to expand and develop the hand skills that are missing with video games or a computer keyboard.

Most of our workshops are $120, so that is the price we've set for the gift certificate. The Creative Letterpress workshop is $75 to $100 and our Pastepaper workshop is $70. If your gift certificate is redeemed for either of those, we'll return the difference at the workshop.

Whether your recipient selects a letterpress printing or a bookmaking workshop, it will provide great satisfaction and the ability to continue to apply it in the future is endless.


SHIPPING NOTE : Depending on how sneaky you need to be, we'll need a mailing address in order to send you the gift certificate. You can email the address to Ray Nichols or just let us send it to the address that shows on your PayPal order form.

The gift certificate is quite nicely printed via letterpress and will come in a Stay-Flat mailer with our studio name and return address.