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Moments Carved in Paper, Book #2: eifleS!
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Moments Carved in Paper, Book #2: eifleS!

. . . $65 (standard edition)
. . . $375 (clamshell edition)

"elfieS!”  is Book no. 2 of our series, Moments Carved in Paper, focusing on a story about each of Ray’s parents. The idea for this book was the catalyst for this entire series of stories built around Ray's favorite selfie photographic portrait from back in the 1940s.

Wouldn't it be nice to take all of your siblings, kids, grandkids and friends, and collect everyone's favorite story about your own parents while they are alive and able to share it? And if you can't think of a good story, you need to make one happen. The kids and grandkids need to make one happen for each of them: fishing, cooking hot dogs, reading books, keeping a secret.


The book follows the format of our first 3 books in our Moments Carved in Paper series.

• 5" x 9", 18 pages, bound in a flutter-book format, printed in an edition of 115 numbered copies

• cover printed on Fabriano Tiziano Sage 160 gsm

• text printed via letterpress on Somerset Textured White 300 gsm stock 

• one tipped-in, inkjet-printed photo, one photo inkject-printed directly on the Moab Entrada Rag Bright 300 gsm for the portrait photo page


The custom handmade clamshell is wrapped in a special Lead Graffiti pastepaper and contains  

• 15 clamshell copies containing a standard edition book, numbered 1 - 15

• an original pressing of The Cars debut album

• a package of rolling papers

• Italian paper money

• a photo of Ray's father with Pope Paul VI  

SHIPPING NOTE : Shipping to the U.S. or overseas is included in the purchase of the books. Choose carefully from the pulldown menu above to reflect proper shipping destinations. The only exception to the above is if you are purchasing multiple copies of the Moments Carved In Paper series (may be different titles) or picking up the books at our Newark, Delaware, studio whereyou can choose the last option without shipping.

Calculating shipping costs for Internet sales is a nightmare. We are generally charging the highest rate within the various categories. If we've charged you more than $1 extra for the shipping charges than we paid + the cost of the packaging, the difference will be refunded.