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Lead Graffiti type collection specimen sheets

This is one of an ongoing series of prints that will loosely act as specimen sheets from our collection of wood & metal type. Typically, we'll also use the opportunity to attack readability a bit which we always find fun.

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This print was made using Gothic X-condensed 40 line (6.67" tall) wood type with handrolled color. We had originally used this type in a similar print using the same 2 handrolled colors in all runs. This time we thought it would be more fun to use a complete spectrum of colors. We loved our use of color in the Stage 8 poster in our 2015 Tour de Lead Graffiti project and wanted to bring that sensibility into this poster.

The piece was printed via letterpress in 4 runs. The first 3 were in the production of the alphabet image. Each run used 2 colors that worked together as we wanted. The 4th run is the title and the ampersand between the YZ.

We produced a 5-minute, time-lapse film of us doing the lockup and the handrolling on the 3rd run of the alphabet.

Print is handrolled in 3 runs with a 4th run for the title, &, and credit line. Stock is Somerset Textured White 300gsm. Size is 14.5" x 22.5". Printed in an edition of 45 all prints are signed and numbered by Ray Nichols & Jill Cypher.

SHIPPING NOTE : You must pay at least 1 shipping charge which will cover up to 4 posters, unless you are picking the posters up at our Newark, Delaware studio.

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Posters are shipped in a sturdy 6" tube through USPS Priority Mail.