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Moments Carved in Paper: Book no. 4: Endurance Letterpress
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Moments Carved in Paper: Book no. 4: Endurance Letterpress

. . . $155 (standard edition)
. . . $430 (clamshell edition)

Tour de Lead Graffiti project

Endurance Letterpress, Book no. 4 of our series, Moments Carved in Paper, is about one of our all-time favorite creative projects ever-–Tour de Lead Graffiti.

Each summer for a period of 23 consecutive days, the Tour de France endurance cycling race circles France. Each of those days for 5 years, Lead Graffiti invited collaborators to join us to watch the Tour broadcast live on TV. We would all then go to lunch to discuss what we had seen, eat pie, and head to our studio where, over the rest of that same day, we would produce a poster via letterpress. We would highlight moments, winners, and sometimes losers, through the use of handset wood & metal type. Sometimes bike parts and other objects would help us express the most striking visuals of what we witnessed: the valiant efforts of the cyclists, the spectacular French vistas, the vagaries of the weather, the energy of the crowds. 

From 2011 through 2015, the 23 posters plus extra materials were collected in a custom clamshell box to become the Tour de Lead Graffiti made colorfully physical. Book no.4, Endurance Letterpress, is the story of those five years made visible, carved in ink on paper, and now available for purchase.


The book follows the format of our first 3 books in our Moments Carved in Paper series. 

• 5" x 9", 30 pages, bound in a flutter-book format, printed in an edition of 115 numbered copies 

• text and cover printed via letterpress on Somerset Textured White 300 gsm stock. The cover image is also printed directly from bicycle chain.

• five spreads are printed via stochastically-imaged offset, and highlight the clamshell and 8 posters from each year

• six tipped-in, inkjet-printed photos


The custom handmade clamshell is wrapped in a special Lead Graffiti pastepaper and contains  

• 15 clamshell copies containing a standard edition book, numbered 1 - 15

• five postcard sets printed via stochastically-imaged offset, showing all 23 posters for each of the 5 years with a short description of how the events of the day relate

• several postcards taken from makeready prints from various years.  

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