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about our equipment


An on-site library offers books for inspiration and information on letterpress and bookbinding, as well as an active collection of printing samples that range across incunabula, Hatch Show Prints, and work representing a number of other contemporary letterpress studios and book artists.


The range of Lead Graffiti equipment, often with an ark-like quality and 2 of most important pieces, is ideal for working on projects both large and small. Depending on the job, printing forms can be created from our broad collection of metal and wood type, or created digitally and ordered as photopolymer plates or copperplates. Our presses vary in size from tabletop presses designed for business cards to our 25" x 38" Hoe iron handpress. With handcranked, foot treadle and motorized presses, there's bound to be one that suits your speed, inclinations, and the job.

Whether you have your own press or not, you can stop by our studio or sign up for a workshop to work with your hands on this historic equipment.

Feel free to drop us an email and tell us when you are going to be in town or just driving through Delaware. We are about 2 easy miles off I-95 and, if you do it right, you can avoid paying the $4 toll at the Delaware / Maryland border while only going a few miles out of your way.

Iron handpresses

     R. Hoe Washington #5 | purchasedthrough LetPress
          25" x 38" platen (c. 1869)
          serial #5331
     Harrild & Sons Albion | purchased from the Museum of Printing, N. Andover, MA
          21" x 29" platen / Super Royal (1928)
          serial number 8112
                original owner: Labratory Press,
                Carnegie Institute of Technology

Cylinder presses

     Vandercook SP-15 | bought off eBay
          14" x 18" image area (14.75" x 20" paper size)
          serial number 26817, built in 1967
     Vandercook Universal III automatic | purchased from friend
          18" x 24" image area (18.75" x 28" paper size)
     Miehle V-50 | purchased from Bird & Bull Press
          14" x 20" page size
          serial number V-18919, built in 1953

Platen presses

     Heidelberg windmill | given to usnby Dentsply
          10 x 15
     Chandler & Price | purchased from David Rose
          10 x 15 (motorized)
     Golding | belongs to friend
          8 x 12 (treadle)

Tabletop presses

     C & P Pilot | came with purchase of type collection
     C & P Pilot West German clone | purchased from friend
     Craftsman Superior | purchased from friend
     plus Kelsey Excelsior, Kelsey Victor, and half dozen other small presses

Hot metal

     Intertype C4 (30 pica) | purchased through LetPres
          with approximately 65 magazines, 200 typefaces,
          100 borders, and hundreds of special characters.
          The serial number is 26,476 and the machine was
          originally shipped in late 1956.

Related equipment

     20.5" computer-controlled electric paper cutter | purchased from friend
     32" rotary guillotine paper cutter | given to us by Hagley Museum & Library
     36" board shears | purchased from Philadelphia
     24" Rosback perforator | belongs to friend
     lead saw | belongs to friend
     paper drill | belongs to friend