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News 2015


VC Homecoming workshop and Lead Graffiti picnic

We've talked for a half dozen years or so about having a homecoming gathering for former VC students in case there were alumni who came back to the football game. In 32 years teaching at Delaware I never went to a football game as I'm not a great supporter of college athletics when so many academic programs struggle for support. I didn't figure most people felt differently than I do, so I don't think we would have been surprised if no one showed up. Either way we had sandwiches, cookies, Stella, Yengling, and Jelly Bellys. So, at the very least we were going to put some ink on paper.

Another problem is that I never seem to know when homecoming is until it a weekend when we cannot drive across town. This time I looked it up and gave it a try.

We had great fun with our H.N. Werkman workshop a couple weeks ago we thought we would just set up for it in case anyone wanted to give it a shot. People were free to bring their kids and many did. We have been looking for something we could do in the studio with kids, say 8 and up, and we think we found it with this project.

Another thing that used to bother me when I taught was that we would do a portfolio review focused on our New York graduates and that almost always didn't include. Doing this gathering gave me an opportunity to share some time with graduates that drove up from Washington, DC and down from Philadelphia, along with others more local.

Below are photos showing the people who came and some of the results of their Werkman-like efforts.

Terre Nichols (VC'88) and Bill Deering.

Terre Nichols, Jessica Koman & Jeanne Marcotte Wagner (all VC'88)

Steve Harding, the official woodworker of Lead Graffiti

Johann Claus. Cutting off my ponytail has changed my look a bit..

Now seriously. You are sitting at the computer designing a website or print piece and you need a big "3" or any other letterform for that matter. There isn't a snowball's chance in hell you are going to do it better than this one. Think letterpress, y'all.

Jeanne showing the step after the "3." You can see the finished piece below a few more images.

Mark Deshon (VC'78) working on a Deshon & Associates piece for his website. Now that's multi-tasking.

Jill with Kieran Francke, one of our favorite few young printers that use Lead Graffiti.

Hendrik-Jan Francke (VC'93) and Joanna Geroski.

Left to right: Hendrik-Jan Francke, Jessica Koman, Chris Hanlon (VC'93), Jill, Steve Harding and Ray.

Andy Geroski (VC'88) and daughter, Sadie.

Jessica Koman and Aidan Hanlon. Aidan was most definitely into Werkman.

A try at spelling a word and making it look interesting.

An interesting idea for a birthday image for someone going from 7 to 8.

A great interaction of letterforms and big dots.

Might be a new design for a space cruiser in the upcoming Star Wars.

The final of that "3" above.

Attie Blu Nichols Langley putting some Michael Jordan English on that brayer.

Attie Blu and Uncle Tray working on a piece for the door of her bedroom.

A very nice use of an "S."

No matter where you are standing, the color is always better on the other side of the glass.

Just a fabulous day all the way around. We really love that people came.