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stories 2016


50-50: A Garland for Edna

In our ongoing research into our Harrild & Sons Albion iron handpress, Laboratory Press & Porter Garnet, we just purchased a present from Porter to his wife, Edna. The book is signed by both Edna and Porter and dated Pittsburgh, March 8, 1931.

The book, entitled "50-50: A Garland for Edna," is a wonderful book of poetry and kind words on Edna's 50th birthday.

50 copies of the book were printed and sent to 50 friends. Below is a scan of the recipients page. Ours was to Dorothy Simpson.

The book was printed on an iron handpress by Charles W. Frew and Menno L. Schrock, 2 names that are popping up a lot in our research. Given the date this could have been printed on our Harrild & Sons Albion.