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Stories 2016


AIGA / Philadelphia Mentor workshop
March 12, 2016

Jill and I were invited to participate in the AIGA / Philadelphia Mentor Program where professionals with some years of experience work with recent graduates that want to increase their odds for success. One of the nice things about our letterpress studio is our ability to collaborate in a workshop setting. We've done our Creative Letterpress "meander book" workshop about 60 times or so over the last 6 years so we offered it to the group.

Jill and I each took on a mentee. Nicely both attended the workshop.

One of the things that is really wonderful about owning Lead Graffiti and running letterpress workshops is that so many designers are interested in letterpress and we can recklessly offer them as a benefit for causes we believe in. This is one of those.

We only charged for lunch and had 14 (maximum number we can handle) signup for the workshop

Unfortunately two people didn't show and Jill and I had to do two of the pages for the meander book on top of the other things we need to do to run the workshop. Because of this we didn't take or normal number of photos of the group so the images are a bit light this time.

A B O V E : A photograph of part of the lockup for the first color of the text block. You can see the lockup for the 2nd color and the final printed broadside which formed the text block at the bottom of this page.

A B O V E : Printing the book cover on our Vandercook SP15. We use Lead Graffiti pastepaper we make for these project so that the partipants get to see more than just white paper stock.

A B O V E : Printing the second color on the broadside which will be the text block on our Vandercook Universal III. The size of the broadside is 16" x 20" and the press can print 18" x 24".

A B O V E : Searching out and correcting a problem from the proof run. It isn't uncommon to have demon letters ("u" instead of an "n" or a "q" instead of a "p") or simply a letter that has been mistakenly rotated. Here we see Ray making an adjustment to the spacing around some sorts (individual letters). Problems with spacing can easily appear once you've run the type through the press a couple of times..

A B O V E : Here we see Ray making the necessary adjustment.

A B O V E : Carefully iserting the paper into the grippers to print the 2nd color. The paper will then be moved over to the side guide Ray seems to be pointing to.

A B O V E : The 2nd color lockup and the resulting broadside. The 1st and 3 rows have been rotated to make them more readable.

You can click on the lockup image and see it double-sized for more detail.