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Manhattan Book Fair sponsored by the
Fine Press Book Association

The Fine Press Book Association sponsored its 3rd annual book fair, known colloquially as the "Shadow Fair." It is a less-formal, less-expensive fair held during the same weekend as the New York Antiquarian Book Fair. This year, as it was last year, it will be located at 65th and Lexington, right around the corner from the main fair at the Park Avenue Armory. It was held on Saturday, April 9. It will be held March 11, 2017.

The photo above shows Jill and I at our table with our wares spread out for viewing. The turnout was great. We didn't sell quite as much as in 2015, but easily made 4 or 5 times what the event costs us. We got some new subscribers to our "Moments Carved in Paper", sold a Tour de Lead Graffiti 2015 clamshell, and spent an enjoyable 8 hours telling Lead Graffiti stories to anyone that would listen.

There were 41 tables representing various presses from all corners of the United States plus England, Spain, Chile, Germany, and Canada. It was flattering to be able to show our work in such creative company.

On the table above you can see our portfolios on the left so we can show any of the 115 posters produced over the previous 5 Tour de Lead Graffiti years. The 3 books next to that are the first 3 books in our autobiographical series entitled "Moments Carved in Paper." Next to that are the few remaining copies of "The Multifaceted Mr. Morris" and "Boxcar Poems 1-12."

Close friend, Bill Roberts and work from his Bottle of Smoke Press shared the adjacent table which added a pleasant element to the day. He easily had as good a day as we did which was nice.