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stories 2016


Craig Cutler shoots Lead Graffiti
for Stay Steady magazine

Craig Cutler is an internationally known photographer in New York City, producing a wide array of images, both still and film, for advertising, editorial, and fun.

Craig, a former student of Ray's, has come to Lead Graffiti on two separate occasions to shoot personal work. Those two shoots have combined for an article in Stay Steady, a magazine devoted to large, printed images of photography.

This issue of Stay Steady focused on the "lost arts." Craig chose letterpress. We hope he isn't completely right.

We thank Craig for thinking of Lead Graffiti as a rich environment for a photo essay.

Below are the cover and spreads of the article.

↑ Magazine cover: a pile of our 96 point Caslon foundry type.

↑ Spread 1: The opening photo is not Craig's, but one of a series of similar images produced by Stay Steady to unify the opening pages of each of the five articles..

↑ Spread 2: the keyboard of our Intertype C4.

↑ Spread 3: (left) a portrait of Ray Nichols (Craig's portraits can be pretty unforgiving), (right) a closeup of some dusty type in a galley..

↑ Spread 4: (left) a galley of 72 point Garamond foundry type, (right) a galley of giftedIntertype mats that have not gotten sorted.

↑ Spread 5: Ray adding ink to our Universal III Vandercook..

↑ Spread 6: Ray adjusting a bicycle chain lockup used for the 2nd rest day of our 2015 Tour de Lead Graffiti project.

Great fun having Craig in the studio. We could do this every couple of weeks and it would be fine with us.