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stories 2016


Elkton Book Arts Group monthly gathering
at Special Collections, University of Delaware

The newly formed group interested in creative work involving book arts, met at Special Collections at the University of Delaware. This was our third gathering. Generally we try to meet on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. We adjusted this month trying to deal with the university schedule during finals week. Turned out nice that the University offered free parking around the library. The library was packed with students. And I mean packed. Made you wonder what environment they were trying to get away from in order to study. It was really nice to see the students there.

Another thing in the library I hadn't seen before was on the main desk in the reference room they had 2 jigsaw puzzles set up, each completely to a different degree. We stayed until we added a piece to it. There was also a knitting station where you could just stand and knit for a bit to relax your brain a bit. Strangely nice.

Tim Murray and Rebecca Johnson Melvin were gracious hosts, pulling a sample of about 18 books from their collection for us to look at. A list of the books is listed below the photos.

. . .

Below is a fairly complete listing of the books that were on display. A few were added at the last minute and we will ad them as soon as we figure out which ones they were.

AUSTIN, ALICE. Red, Yellow, Blue. Philadelphia, PA: A. Austin, 2000.

BARTON, CAROL J. LOOM. Bethesda, Md.: Carol June Barton?, 1989.

BOWLES, PAUL, SUSAN K. FILTER, PETER R. KOCH, AND IRA YEAGER. 2137 Tanger Socco: Letters from Paul Bowles to Ira Yeager. Berkeley: Del Milion Editions, 2011.

CHEN, JULIE. Bon Bon Mots: A Fine Assortment of Books. Berkeley, Calif: Flying Fish Press, 1998.

CHEN, JULIE, AND HEDI KYLE. Invented Landscape. Berkeley, Calif: Flying Fish Press, 2010.

CHRISTOPHER, NICHOLAS, WESLEY B. TANNER, AND SUSAN SKARSGARD. Ultima Thule. Ann Arbor, Mich.: Passim Editions, 2004.

EDLEFSEN, DAVID, JULIE DECKER, EDWARD H. HUTCHINS, BARBARA MAURIELLO, AND RON GLOWEN. The Mystery of the Magic Box: An Open and Shut Case : a Project of the Education Department of the Anchorage Museum of History and Art. Anchorage, Alaska: Anchorage Museum of History and Art, 1995.

JOHNSON, W R, VLIET C. VAN, AND KATHRYN CLARK. Lilac Wind: Poems by W.r. Johnson on a Pulp Painting Made by Claire Van Vliet with Kathryn Clark. Newark, Vt: Janus Press, 1983.

KING, SUSAN E. Lessons from the South. Atlanta, Ga. (608 Ralph McGill Blvd., N.E., Atlanta, Ga. 30312: Available from Nexus Press, 1986.


KYLE, HEDI. [a & Z]. Place of publication not identified: The artist, 1990.

LEWIS, CLARISSA, LISE MELHORN-BOE, AND LISE MELHORN-BOE. Germangoodgirls. North Bay: Produced for inclusion in "A Book Arts Mosaic" of Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild, 2005.

MORALES, GLORIA. Here Comes the Band =: Ya Viene La Banda. San Francisco, Calif: SOL Press, 1999.