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          Tour de Lead Graffiti 2012
S T A G E  6 :
          Épernay > Metz / 207.5 km

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Stage 6 / Tour de Lead Graffiti 2012

Available as an individual print
or in the clamshell box edition

In 4 words:
  They've crashed again?

. . .

Start time today: 6:22 am

Completed: 9:24 pm

Time today: 15 hours : 02 minutes

Time to date: 107 hours : 31 minutes

Runs: 5 (sequence: blue, dark red, light green, purple, dark green)

Runs to date: 36

370 > 800 pixel wide enlargement

The day's story

Description: We have no idea what it is like to ride in the peloton for thousands of miles. The helicopter views make it impossible to understand how attentive everyone has to be all of the time. All it takes is for the person in front of you to swerve a few inches and clip your wheel or perhaps just touch feet pushing the bike along at 25 mph which might lift a rider and his bike off the ground. Someone reaches for a water bottle and all of a sudden there are bodies flying everywhere. It happened a couple of times today and one of those crashes took out about 30 riders. The road was perfectly flat. The landscape was completely open. The reason for the crash was nonexistent. And then there they were, scattered completely across two lanes of road and both ditches. The support cars couldn't get to the crashes to exchange dozens of wheels and a number of bikes. The medical car was blocked. Several people were instantly out of the race. A couple of contenders for the General Classification for the Tour no longer have any chance of making up the 4 or 5 minutes they've now lost and will ride the next 2000 km wondering how different things would be if they had just been in front of the crash. Others headed to the hospital to watch the rest of the tour on TV.

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Jill had been talking about an idea of a chaotic use of the arrows we had made for this edition of the Tour de Lead Graffiti. We thought the playful inclusion of typography added a nice element.

The sprints at the end of this first week of flat stages have been really exciting to watch and today's was right up there with them, except that Mark Cavendish had been held up by the crash and was too far back to mix it up. Once again it was Peter Sagan who had the legs to edge out the others who saw their dreams for a stage win fly by.

Trying to find a way to do things typographically is the raison d'être in doing these posters. It was Sagan's third stage win of this Tour. The idea of saying 'Sagan again" came to us and then we noticed that all we had to do was add the "I" to Sagan. Tack on an outlined 3 and raise the letters to add some typographic forensics and there you have it. We have been adding the team names to the winners for each stage and it gave us a place to both put the name and also to use the team name to explain the raising of the 'i".

Working spontaneously as we do on these posters it is hard to anticipate what is coming, but we wish we could have left out two of the arrows that overlapped the "3" to help it stand out more. We knew from the start that we were going to be running Sagan's name diagonally out of one of the two upper corners. But at the point we printed the first two runs of arrows we didn't know how we were going to treat "Sagan". Adding the "I" and the "3" ended up making it longer than we thought it would be and pushed it farther down into the arrows that we had anticipated. Oh, well.

We did the chaotic group of arrows originally as three runs. We had wished we had more time to have done another run on the text on Stage 3. So we went to dinner to think about it a bit and came back to the studio and ran the dark green arrows. While we were doing that we added the horizontal line for the finish line. I suspect we may be doing that each time now. We like it when design rules slowly creep their way into our spontaneous design process.

Printing details

Signatures: Ray Nichols, Jill Cypher, Tray Nichols

Size: 14.75" x 22.5"

Stock: Somerset Textured White 300 gsm

Main typography: 12 line Agency Gothic Outline, 12 line Stymie Bold Condensed

Production notes: handset wood & metal type. The stage / signature block was preprinted using photopolymer plates.

Press: Vandercook Universal III

Three of today's photos