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          Tour de Lead Graffiti 2014
S T A G E   1 7 :
          Saint-Gaudens > Saint-Lary-Soulan Pla d’Adet / 125 km

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or in the clamshell box edition

In 5 words:
    "On top of
     the world

. . .

Start time today: 5:59 am

Completed: 9:05 pm

Time today: 15 hours : 6 minutes

Time to date: 310 hours : 35 minutes

Runs: 3 - red (dots), handrolled ("Majka," "wink" in black & red), black ("wink" & team name)

Runs to date: 92

370 > 800 pixel wide enlargement

The day's story

Description: Three category 1s and a mountaintop finish on an HC made this a seriously brutal day.

Time is running out on everyone, but Vincenzo Nibali and he is still showing everyone that he has come to ride.

The day's story was a ride by Rafal Majka of Tinkoff-Saxo which was something to watch going up that last climb. He was not going to be caught. It was the second mountain stage in a row won by Tinkoff-Saxo and the 3rd of the Tour. It is kind of hard to imagine what things might have been like if Alberto Contador hadn't crashed on Stage 10.

Majka had started the day in the "King of the Mountains" Jersey. Lost it on the road to Joaquim Rodriguez and then won it back by winning at the top of Saint-Lary Pla d'Adet with a wink just short of the finish line.

Frenchman of the day was Jean-Christophe Péraud who has a hold on 3rd place and is poised to be the first French rider on the podium in 17 years.

One serious mountain stage, 1 flat stage, 1 individual time trial is all that stands in the way the way of the finish stage into Paris.

Printing details

Signatures: Ray Nichols, Jill Cypher, Tray Nichols

Size: 14.5" x 22.5"

Stock: Somerset Textured White 300 gsm

Main typography: Neuland 12 line, Jefferson Gothic 12 line, Euro Bold Condensed 24 point

Production notes: handset wood & metal type. The stage / signature block was preprinted using photopolymer plates.

Press: Vandercook Universal III

Photos from July 23rd

It's one of the ways to get to watch the Tour de France.

This is our way of watching.

Once again figureing out how to do circles occupied a couple hours of work. In the end we used our die to cut drink coasters and made them out of book board. This is a stillife by Kieran in the front yard of the studio.

The dots were glued to a piece of MDF using Xyron for the adhesive. Worked well. Over the 80 prints we have to make the surface of the bookboard looked like about half it it was just on the verge of coming up, but everything stayed nicely in place. We were inking the press between every print, with Hendrik-Jan applying the ink to the rollers with a brayer so it would be smoothed out more quickly. One of the hard things about that much area being printed, and especially in the first run, is the Somerset Textured 300 gsm paper has lots of paper fuzz and it was hard to keep white spots from appearing in the dots. We decided in the end to just ignore them.

The lockup of "Majka" and the second "wink."

A nice shot of Kieran who has worked with us for all four years. Interesting to have work in The British Library exhibition as a 12-year old.

The lockup of the 1st wink and the team name.

You say you need "91." For us that means we need a block of press furniture that is 91 picas by 10 picas. This is Kieran pulling out a 60 x 10, a 60 x 20, a 6 x 10, and a 5 x 10. Nicely done.

Pulling off the final print of the day at 9:05pm.