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          Tour de Lead Graffiti 2015
S T A G E   3 :
          Anvers > Huy | 154 km

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In words :
  "Holy crap!"

. . .

Start time today : 5:05am

Completed : 10:43pm

Time today : 17 hours : 38 minutes

Time to date : 52 hours : 31 minutes

Runs today: 6 (handrolled "crash" took 3 runs using 2 grey inks, red, yellow, blue)

Runs to date : 14

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The day's story

The title at the top was a Tweet that I made after a horrendous crash. Lots of people hurt and a number that will be out of the race. Will have to wait a bit to see the total fall out. One of our favorites, Fabian Cancellara, suffered 2 broken vertebrae, managed to finish the day but is now out of the race. One rider, Laurens Ten Dam (who has been involved in other major accidents during previous Tours) had a dislocated shoulder, which would send most people to the hospital. The medical team came over, yanked it back into place, Ten Dam got back on his bike and was off. He lost a lot of time, but he finished the stage. Exciting to see if he is in there tomorrow. HE WAS.

Joaquim Rodríguez defined his topping Mur du Huy (the Wall of Huy), "A win at the Tour is like a storm." Two short climbs near the end of the stage are at a maximum incline of 24%. That means that for every 4 feet you go forward you go one foot upwards. That is the incline that is 1/4 as steep as a normal set of stairs, but on a bike. The announcers said that "Walking up the hill was hard."

The day was a strange one.

A 45mph crash had 20 riders sliding down the asphalt with Fabian Cancellara, who was wearing the Yellow Jersey, doing an end-over-end in the ditch to avoid the others. They showed it a dozen times during the race and it was jaw-dropping every time.

And as it turns out, there was actually a second crash that didn't get recorded on camera that literally didn't have any available medical personal to attend to the injured.

Then a few minutes later a strange thing happened. Even the commentators couldn't remember it ever happening before. They essentially stopped the riders in the middle of a small town and waited for the riders who could continue from the crash to catch up, most notably the Yellow Jersey. Turned out that the issue was that so many medical cars and ambulances were transporting riders there were none if there was to be another serious accident. Thinking about the safety of the cyclists who were still in the race was the final consideration. The riders who had been in the front were clearly agitated at the turn of events that let everyone get a breath and rest for 15 minutes right before the first major climb. And then to add more insult, the lead car led them slowly most of the way up that climb before letting them race again.

At the mountaintop finish the winner was Joaquim Rodríguez. Close behind in second was Chris Froome, the Lead Graffiti personal favorite to win the Tour. He gained 00'11'' on two of his other rivals and 00'18'' on Alberto Contador. Froome excites us for the way he looks when the toughest climbs get the toughest. These guys are amazing when they have to dig the deepest into their abilities just to keep going and then even deeper to keep going at a high pace.

The climbs at the end would have been exciting by themselves, but with everything else it made for excellent TV. We really wish the best for those involved in those two crashes.

Printing details

Signatures : Ray Nichols, Jill Cypher, Tray Nichols, and Steve Harding

Size : 14.5" x 22.5"

Stock : Somerset Textured White 300 gsm

Main typography : wood - Velo Black 12 line (House Industries) and ?; metal - Euro

Production notes : handset wood & metal type. The stage details and signature block were preprinted using Boxcar photopolymer plates.

Press : Vandercook Universal III

Images from Stage

Profile of today's stage

Above: Steve and Ray setting up for the first "crash" to be handrolled.

Above: A shot of the Rubens type ready for action.

Above: We have a wonderful broken S that we love to use. It is snapped completely in half. We used it in another poster focused on a crash | 2011

Above: The lockup of Rodriguez pretty much finished.

Above: This was us white-knuckled trying to take all of the slack out of the 6 or 7 pieces of bookboard we were using to make the curve that would be between the two names.

Above: Jill loves taking cool shots around the studio.

Above: This shows the 7 layers of bookboard. They were cut to .75" high and glued together at the right end. The curve was formed using a roll of packing tape. Then everything was locked into place with furniture and quoins. Worked quite well. We've started using bookboard to help us form curved shapes a lot more since we did the final poster last year | 2014 (be sure to look at the photos at the bottom)

Above: We took out all of the pieces related to Rodriguez, carefully maintaining the locked in furniture that was holding the bookboard, added Froome and packed it with furniture and spacing material. Worked nice.