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          Tour de Lead Graffiti 2015
S T A G E   7 :
          Livarot > Fougères | 190 km

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In 6 words :
  "The sigh heard
  'round the world"

. . .

Start time today : 4:45am

Completed : 10:09pm

Time today : 17 hours : 24 minutes

Time to date : 120 hours : 22 minutes

Runs today: 3 - black Cavendish; blue "The sigh heard round the world"; handrolled in 6 colors team name in silver, quote mark in grayed light blue, moment of humanity in red, and Froome in 3 values of yellow

Runs to date : 27

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The day's story

Tony Martin is out with a multiple-fracture collarbone, so that roller-coaster ride has come to an end.

Today was a sprint stage and we find it very hard to root against Mark Cavendish in a head-to-head. He has won 25 stages of the Tour de France (tied for 3rd place, Eddy Merckx is at the top with 34). Two years ago it looked like we might see Merckx' cycling record of records broken.

But in Stage 1 of the 2014 Tour de France, Cavendish was involved in a crash that took him out of the Tour. That Tour also saw the entry of Marcel Kittel and 3 wins. It looked like there was a new gunslinger in town. Now in 2015 André Greipel already has 2 wins with other sprint stages being taken by others vying for the fastest-man-alive title. Cavendish has been mixing it up at the finish line, but it was starting to look like we might have seen his best years drift past.

But yesterday he came through with his 26th Tour stage win.

That was literally all of the news from the stage: 190 kilometers and a sprint. Peter Sagan, who we also love, that has been right at the top (he came in 2nd today) on almost every stage. And John Degenkolb is deserving of a win as well.

An interesting tidbit of Tour de France law is that with the owner of the Yellow Jersey abandoning the race, the jersey DOES NOT automatically pass to the person who is 2nd in the General Classification. In this instance that is Chris Froome, one of our favorites for the overall win. Because Froome only essentially "stayed" in 2nd place and did not win the stage by enough to have overtaken Martin's time, no one today wore the Yellow Jersey. It will go to Froome tomorrow.

With every poster we talk about "doing the math." How can the design reflect the complexity of the stories we want to tell? Not just that Cavendish won, but that he won his first stage since 2013 and the fact that we are always on the edge of our seats watching him not win. And that he won #26. And that Tony Martin is lying in a hospital bed in Hamburg, Germany, watching the Tour on TV. And Froome shirtless or at least jerseyless.

So, let's do the math.

Cavendish? Color? Black because he was back. Tuck that 26 in right at the end.

Cavendish? Edge of the seat? After the race in the pressroom, Todd Harris said, "The sigh heard round the world." We all looked at each other. Hmmm. We can solve the edge-of-the-seat issue, which gives us a place to institute the circular element we are trying to include in each poster. Some quote marks might make it look like others think the same way we do. And making them big and makes the physical quote the focus of the entire design at the top and not just the words.

Tony Martin? How about a "Moment of Humanity" heart like we did for Fabian Cancellara? Ok.

Froome and the Yellow Jersey? Well, he kinda has it. How about that being the handrolled element we do in each poster? And don't forget to show the "kinda."


Robert & Melissa were great contributors. A cyclist and a graphic designer who stumbled into our exhibition at AIGA / Philadelphia's SPACE Gallery opening, struck up a conversation, got an invitation to join us, and followed through. Simply great fun to work with.

Printing details

Signatures : Ray Nichols, Jill Cypher, Tray Nichols, Robert Ivone, Melissa Ivone

Size : 14.5" x 22.5"

Stock : Somerset Textured White 300 gsm

Main typography : wood - Velo Black 12 line (House Industries), Rubens and Clarendon Extra Bold Outline (from our 2011 edition of TdLG) for Froome; metal - Goudy (quote) and Euro

Production notes : handset wood & metal type. The stage details and signature block were preprinted using Boxcar photopolymer plates.

Press : Vandercook Universal III

Images from Stage

Profile of today's stage

Above: Stage 7 desserts at the Glass Kitchen.

Above: Melissa learning some "letterpress math" from the request "I need 53."

Above: Melissa taking the prints off the press.

Above: Robert feeding paper to the press.

Above: For any future collaborators, this is a good look for collaborators.

Above: We love taking photos of new friends taking photos.

Above: This shows us allowing for the hole through the circle for "Caven did it" and getting them registered to each other.

Above: The lockup of the circular quote. When locking it up we wanted to try just doing it with the four points of pressure. If you really wanted to keep the circle closer the perfect circle you would need to add more point of pressure around it.

For this specific run the circle was bulging about 1/8" on the open areas making the circle a tad more square. We tried looking at it after we printed to see if we thought we could see it and we couldn't.

Above: Close up of the circular quote. We had put three layers of masking tape on the inner piece of an embroidery hoop to help tighten things up. Even then we had to add short pieces of 2 point leading to almost every letter.

Above: The general chaos surrounding the inking of the 3rd run. Jill is rolling Froome, Robert is rolling the quote marks, and Melissa is waiting for her turn to get to the heart and team name.

Above: Robert & Melissa checking out the results to see if there is anything that needs to improve.

Above: The lockup for Froome.

Above: Jill handrolling the middle of 3 colors for Froome.

Above: These are the colors Jill used to roll Froome.

Above: Melissa handrolling the "Moment of Humanity."