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          Tour de Lead Graffiti 2015
S T A G E   1 1 :
          Rennes > Mûr de Bretagne | 179 km

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In 6 words :
  "Chasing Tourmalet
  and 7 other guys"

. . .

Start time today : 5:35am

Completed : 10:05pm

Time today : 16 hours : 30 minutes

Time to date : 198 hours : 2 minutes

Runs today: 6 - grey for peloton, 3 runs with Martin green (not sure why we didn't do it in one, but we did it in 3), handrolled Majka in 2 colors and "caution cows", blue for breakaway and team name

Runs to date : 49

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The day's story

After yesterday's ride all the cyclists wanted to do today was just keep up. The stage was going to take the riders over some minor climbs before a Category 1 (Col d'Aspin) and then over an HC (Col du Tourmalet). It's the highest point in the Tour this year and it is a brute. It was the 80th time the Tour had crossed Tourmalet. Classic Pyrenees. The day then ended with a category 3 climb to the finish.

There was time to be made up by all of the contenders, but today wasn't the day for it.

The interesting story was Dan Martin of Team Cannondale-Garmin.

This was one of those days that a good breakaway could survive. A group of 7 took an early shot at it. After they got 3:48 Dan Martin took a shot at joining that group. Martin (not to be confused with Tony Martin who was in the Yellow Jersey for a couple of days before crashing out) is the kind of rider who can win a stage having come in 4th and 2nd on two earlier stages of this year's Tour.

Tony jumped out of the peloton to try and bridge the gap. The peloton didn't react as he is currently in 30th place for the Yellow Jersey. Eventually he caught the breakaway about 2k from the top of the Col d'Aspin.

Then on the ride up the Col du Tourmalet (essentially a 2,000m climb from the race start) Rafal Majka took control. Majka is one of our favorite riders getting noticed last year when he won the King of the Mountains jersey. We did one of our favorite posters for his win on the 17th stage last year. Martin couldn't catch up in the end, but came in a well-fought 2nd. He got the combative Award for the day.

Trying to do the math on this poster was fun. We tried to show the three stages of Martin's movements from the peloton to the breakaway to the close 2nd at the finish. It is also fun to play with the arrows replacing As even if doesn't exactly make the names more readable. In the end less readability = more fun for us.

One strange thing happened at one point in the race with a group of cows started crossing the road. We wanted to give that a callout. We should have put that a bit higher on the poster to indicated when that happened, but that was my mistake. It could have snuggled nicely between the K-W in "breakaway."

Printing details

Signatures : Ray Nichols, Jill Cypher, Tray Nichols, Jessica Koman

Size : 14.5" x 22.5"

Stock : Somerset Textured White 300 gsm

Main typography : wood - Velo Black 12 line (House Industries) and Rubens; metal - Euro Condensed

Production notes : handset wood & metal type. The stage details and signature block were preprinted using Boxcar photopolymer plates.

Press : Vandercook Universal III

Images from Stage

Profile of today's stage

Above: Tour de Lead Graffiti Stage 11 desserts at the Glass Kitchen (coconut cream, 2 Key limes, and a strawberry ice cream).

Above: Rough sketch of the poster on the bed of our Vandercook Universal III.

Above: The Martin layer with the arrows that would form the backbone of the poster.

Above: Jessica taking the prints off the press.

Chocolate chip cookies from Jessica intended as a bribe. Somehow all the evidence was lost sometime during the day.

Above: The Majka run showing the vertical block which we kept locked up to help us register each run to that column of arrows.

Above: We've been using our iPhone to take some videos. I hope we can get a coherent film in the end. We have some opportunities for talks coming up in the fall and would love to have a film of this year's project to show.

Above: Another shot of the video happening.

Just for the record the holder we got for the iPhone works better than any others I've seen. I'll take a photo of it and include it here.