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          Tour de Lead Graffiti 2015
R E S T   D A Y   #   2 :

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In words :
  "Will it go round in circles..."

. . .

Start time today : 5:05am

Completed : 9:45pm

Time today : 16 hours : 40 minutes

Time to date : 299 hours : 22 minutes

Runs today: 5 - circles in 5 colors with each of the RD2 being included with the appropriate circle

Runs to date : 72

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The day's story

It's a rest day for the cyclists, but not for Lead Graffiti. Lindsay from Gingerly Press and Rachel, her intern, were in the studio.

We had been wanting to do something with bicycle spokes, so we want to Bikeline here in Newark and bought a set. Didn't work out as well as we had hoped. Took too much space given the size of the poster to make the look like they do on a bike. Lindsay and Rachel were working on a circular piece using the lyrics to Billy Preston's 1972 hit song, "Will it go round in circles. Will it fly high like a bird up in the sky." We've been trying to use a circular element in each poster so the song has been popping into our heads a lot. We decided to just let it out and run free.

The spokes didn't work out, so we just took the circular type and printed it 5 times. We were going to put "Rest Day 2" up at the top and decided to rest a bit and abbreviate it.

There you have it.

Printing details

Signatures : Ray Nichols, Jill Cypher, Tray Nichols, Lindsay Schmittle, Rachel Davis

Size : 14.5" x 22.5"

Stock : Somerset Textured White 300 gsm

Main typography : wood - Velo Black 12 line (House Industries); metal - Thinline

Production notes : handset wood & metal type. The stage details and signature block were preprinted using Boxcar photopolymer plates.

Press : Vandercook Universal III

Images from Stage

Above: Rest Day #2 desserts at the Glass Kitchen.

Above: The first act each day is for all the people participating to sign the posters.

Above: After setting the type to make sure it fit within the circle a small amount of space (1 point thins) were added between every letter. Then a 12 point 4 to the em piece of spacing was added to the upper edge of the type to help orient it directly toward the center of the circle.

Before we started the Tour this year we wanted to try and have a circular element in the design. Most times when we mentioned circles we would break into Bill Preston's 1972 hit, "Will it go round in circles. Will it fly like a bird up in the sky." That is what the type says.

Above: This is the type locked up but without the inner ring from another embroidery hoop.

Above: The ring was a little small so a couple layers of masking tape was added to it and then carefully inserted inside the ring of solid circles.

Above: This is what the lockup for the first run looked like. Then the circle would be rotated some fairly random amount and moved to the appropriate position for the next run.

Above: Inspecting the ink and looking for broken letters after the first print. We were using Thinline as the type which can often have problematic dings.

Above: There is always time for an Instagram moment. The photographer is Rachel who is a letterpress intern at Gingery Press which is owned and operated by Lindsay in the back. I think today added an experience.

Above: The dark grey being applied over the circle of text.

Above: An orange catfish appeared suddenly.

Above: A nice ink stillife.

Above: Tray teaching Rachel how to set the tapes on our Vandercook Universal III.

Above: After the first two runs we started adding the large wood type for the "RD2." If you remember back to Stage 9, we had tried just using double stick tape to adhere a piece of wood type to the bed of the press.

That worked great here as we wanted a bit of looseness to its placement and we could easily try it and move it again if necessary.

Above: The first lockup for the D.

Above: Lindsay is looking at print shown in the photo below and adjusting the position of the D.

Above: Just a nice picture of 2 nice ladies.

Above: And a look back at the finished wall.

I'm writing this the next day. We were numb.