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          Tour de Lead Graffiti 2015
C L A M S H E L L : 2014 clamshell shown
          The wrapper

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2011 - 2015 posters grouped by topic

We are envelope people

The clamshell box is the vessel we build to hold our annual project we call Tour de Lead Graffiti.

370 > 800 pixel wide enlargement

The double-walled clamshell box porfolio includes 23 prints paralleling the 21 stages and 2 rest days of the 2015 Tour de France. Also included is the title page, a descriptive page outlining events from each stage and how those events impact the design of the corresponding poster, a composite print with all 92 runs from the main body of each of the posters, and a colophon outlining the project, how it was produced, and listing all of the various contributors and the stages in which they were involved. We also add 3 postcards taken from the makeready sheets to any portfolio orders as long as they last. We love the energy we get from this project and appreciate purchasers, collaborators, supporters, and followers.

We are prepared to produce 26 of the clamshells. We haven't sold out a set of any edition at this point, but are hoping to promote all 5 as a special deal to libraries and interested collectors.

For 2015 the idea for the pastepaper to cover the clamshell box came from a piece done by Ray in one of our pastepaper play sessions. The image to the left shows what the pastepaper area of the front of one of the clamshell boxes will look like.

The visual idea of the pastepaper is the helicopter view we would often see of the colorful jerseys in the peloton. To try to maintain some continuity to the look and feel of the pastepaper sheets, Ray applied the acrylic-colored paste and Jill pulled the squeegee in the vibrating motion across the paper.

There is no way to accurately describe the feeling we get when we hold the box. Close to 1000 hours of Lead Graffiti staff time just with the production of the posters, not including the 3 additional posters in the portfolio along with the production of the clamshell boxes. That is a lot of hours in the 23 days with no break except to sleep. The ritual of starting the days at the same time and eating at the same restaurant, trying to relish the effort that many probably think is completely odd (including the now friends who waitress at the restaurant). The first couple of days are and the last couple are the most work. Once you get past about day 4 the effort seems to just smooth out. We are in the zone. Watching and explaining the tour, strategies, riders we call friends, and working creatively with old and new friends, students and kids, professionals and neophytes. Pushing our creative boundaries, thinking we may be out of ideas and for at least one more year and wonderfully being wrong. We now have 115 posters to explain what we've seen in the Tour de France from 2011 - 2015.

When we hold the box, which weighs 4.5 pounds, we get all of that. And you feel it all simultaneously.

For us it is sweet. We've decided 5 years, 115 individual daily posters plus an additional 15 posters and a stack of composite prints, some 500 runs, lunch at the Glass Kitchen on each of the 115 stage and rest days, is enough.