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          Tour de Lead Graffiti 2011
S T A G E   1 8 :
          Pinerolo - Galibier - Serre Chevalier / 200.5 km

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Tour de Lead Graffiti Stage 18

In 5 words:
HC HC HC & Andy

. . .

Size: 14.75" x 22.5"

Stock: Somerset Textured White 300 gsm

Runs: 5 - green, blue, coral, red, & grey

Main typography: all over the place for both wood and metal

Production notes: handset wood & metal type. The stage / signature block was preprinted using photopolymer plates.

Press: Vandercook Universal III

Completed: 10:41 pm, July 21, 2011

Signatures: Ray Nichols, Jill Cypher, Tray Nichols, & Virginia Green

. . .

Description: Three 'out-of-category' climbs, time running out, and posters to do. We've been rooting for Andy Schleck of Leopard - Treck since two years ago. As the peloton is climbing the second mountain about 60 km from the finish we were more than a little excited to see Andy leap out from the peloton. Maybe just to scare them.

But he didn't stop.

Holy cow, he is on a 60 km breakaway and one of the favorites to win this year (2nd the last two years). Pretty soon his lead was up to 4 minutes. Not too soon after that he had passed all of the reminents of a 19-man breakaway, except for one. At about 8 km he passed that one.

Cadel Evans of BMC put forth a great comeback which kept Andy's gain to only 2:11. Both did an amazing ride over three of the hardest mountains you could imagine riding and they each did it without any help from almost anyone. This brought Andy within 0:15 of wearing the Yellow Jersey.

I cannot think of an athletic effort that I personally have ever watched that equalled the effort both of those guys did today. The Tour de France is about taking on the big mountains and Andy did it more than I've ever seen in the 20 years I've religiously followed the Tour. Starting it from so far out was simply heroic.

To add a bit of icing to the cake, brother Frank Schleck, who couldn't challenge without dragging others along, ended up second on the stage. So a 1 - 2 for the Schleck brothers and Leopard - Trek.

And Tommy Voeckler must wake up every morning and wonder who is sleeping in his bed. He has clearly found a new person living in his body.

Virginia Green from Baylor University was working with us and will be through Sunday. What a wonderful day to learn about the Tour de France.

Didi showed up, so the trident is included.

Important standings for Lead Graffiti currently stand at

Thomas Voeckler in 1st place - 00'00"
Andy Schleck in 2nd place - 00'15"
Frank Schleck
in 3rd place - 01'08"
Cadel Evans in 4th place - 01'12"
Damiano Cunego in 5th place - 03'46"
Ivan Bosso in 6th place - 03'46"
Alberto Contador in 7th place - 04'44"
Samuel Sanchez in 8th place - 05'20"

Thomas Voeckler with his great ride will once again wear the Yellow Jersey on Stage 19 with a collective time of 79h 34'06".

Our effort to this point is 300h 12'08" with the total number of runs standing at 107.