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<i>wedding (wide) :</i><br><b>Windsor & William

wedding (wide) :
Windsor & William

wedding announcement

Production notes: hand rolled and printed from photopolymer plates

Materials: Somerset white

Inks: silver, blue, & purple

Edition: 100

Click on image for more detail.

We avoid printing the standard, pick-one-from-the-book kinds of invitations. We usually start the process by asking for two thematic directions that help define the couple. For Windsor this came down to two options. "I'm obsessed with peacock feathers" and "I'm obsessed with peacock feathers". That helped narrow things a bit.

We've wanted to do a wedding invitation using our handrolling technique and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. We scanned a peacock feather and Tray did a great job of both getting a lot of detail and at the same time balancing it with the graphic quality we thought would work well.

The eye of the feather is handrolled through two stencils. The larger area (purple) was rolled lightly through a thick stencil to avoid a hard edge. The blue was handrolled harder so its edge would be more defined. The dark center was made with Jill's fingerprint.

The bride & groom-to-be came to the studio and did all of the handrolling. It is always nice to share the studio with the couple during the printing.

We thought just seeing the fairly abstract bottom of the feather would be nice when the piece was opened. Then the whole feather, which is printed full size, would come as a surprise.

The thank you cards used just a hint of the feather that we hope will be a nice touch once they are received.