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<i>boxes: </i><b>to hold Lead Graffiti portfolio of greeting cards</b>

boxes: to hold Lead Graffiti portfolio of greeting cards

Boxes to house notecard portfolios

Jill has a wonderful routine at the end of most of our printing jobs when she takes a stack of previous makeready sheets and overprints them with the new job. She will also take much of the unused ink and handroll it onto the sheets in a variety of patterns. Sometimes she gets exceptional results and we've been thinking about how we might use them.

We are preparing to send out a few portfolios of our notecard designs to select potential clients and we wanted to make them special. So, we started with 50 sheets of Mohawk 100# cover with various leftover images and logos of Lead Graffiti and potential clients, handrolled it with a lot of variety to the technique, and used it to make a box. We did 25 tops and 25 bottoms so we could have a few to choose from.

We made 12 boxes in this initiai run. We sent out a few, but liked them too much, so we kept the rest.

It is too bad these are so much work to make. Would be wonderful to be able to sell them. We'll work on that part.