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<i>exhibition catalog :</i> <br><b>Leonard Baskin for the Delaware Art Museum</b>

exhibition catalog :
Leonard Baskin for the Delaware Art Museum

Leonard Baskin exhibition catalog

Production notes: handbound and printed at Lead Graffiti from metal and photopolymer plates

Materials: Canson Mi-Tientes / cover, Hahnemühle Bugra / text pages

Inks: three colors

Size: 7.25" x 11.25"

Edition: 200

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The Delaware Art Museum received a wonderful donation of 50 pieces of work by Leonard Baskin - printmaker, letterpress printer, sculptor, and painter. To celebrate the donation and exhibition of Baskin's work the Museum selected Lead Graffiti to produce 200 copies of a 24-page book printed via letterpress and listing the donated works, an article on Baskin, and examples of his work.

This project provided a couple of very special opportunities. The first was the chance to produce a high quality piece via letterpress for a fine museum focused on an artist whose work we've always admired. We've spent many a morning looking through his work in Special Collections at the University of Delaware where we've become fascinated with Baskin's small type specimen book for Cancellaresca Bastarda.

Secondly, we asked Roland Hoover, a good friend and letterpress printer in Washington, D.C., to design and handset the title page in metal type because of his collection of Centaur and his classic composition skills. The rest of the book was printed from photopolymer plates, mainly due to the length of articles and the fact that the listing used fractions for the sizes of the pieces. We chose Centaur and Arrighi as the typefaces as they were often used by Baskin in his book projects.

This is the text from the colophon.

This book celebrating the work of Leonard Baskin & the generosity of the Appel family was designed, printed and hand bound by Ray Nichols, Jill Cypher, & Tray Nichols of Lead Graffiti, Newark, Delaware. The title page & cover were designed & handset in metal type by Roland Hoover, Pembroke Press, Washington, D.C.

Cover and text pages were printed slowly & patiently via letterpress. Images were printed by Mercantile Press, Wilmington, Delaware. The typeface used throughout is Centaur & Arrighi in both digital & metal forms.

The spine is made of Cotlin bookcloth. The outer cover is wrapped in Canson Mi-Tientes Felt Grey with a randomly selected inlaid fragment of marbled paper from any of three sources: Clair Guillot (France), Ann Muir (UK), or Payhembury (UK). Other papers used were Canson Mi-Tientes Bordeaux (end sheets), Satin Vellum 30 lb. (flysheet), Hahnemühle Bugra Gray (text), Mohawk Superfine Ultrawhite 65 lb. Smooth (images).

The book was printed for the Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington, Delaware, in an edition of 200.