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<i>wedding (coasters) :</i><br><b>Erin & Ray</b>

wedding (coasters) :
Erin & Ray

wedding invitation

Production notes: printed from photopolymer plates

Materials: 220# Crane Lettra Fluorescent White, title card, shred, and ribbon

Inks: green & silver

Edition: 80

Click on image for more detail.

This has to be most interesting idea we've done for a wedding invitation.

We only do custom invitations so we always start the conversation with "Tell us two things about you that we can use as a theme." One: We're Irish. Two: we love making beer. Three: we are getting married at a brewery.

When Ray taught visual communications he tried to help students produce solutions that appeared inevitable. This is one of those kinds of solutions. Once you hear the problem, you cannot imagine it being any other solution.

The wedding was being held at a Wilmington brewery—outside with wonderful rolling hills and all—not back with the vats, although we think the couple would have been into the vats.

One of the things we love about letterpress is how it gives the the sense that something should be saved. We like designing to help encourage that. So, how about some cool beer coasters. These are deep impression 220# Crane Lettra Fluorescent White coasters that the recipients can use long after the ceremony. 

The sheet, printed with all 12 coasters, was trimmed and the corners rounded. Individual coasters in each set were shuffled and rotated to not give away what was happening when the recipient opened the box. We did put a card in the top that said "an invitation & an RSVP" and under that the return envelope (larger than the coasters so it was important to keep it in play without taking away from the coasters.

These were wrapped with a green (Irish) grosgrain ribbon. The couple supplied us with the mailing list and who were from the bride or groom side. We made the top coaster have a nice piece of the appropriate name. This was placed in a box with some green and white shred. All of this was wrapped in white tissue and put into a box with another green ribbon.

And the new couple could use the RSVPs for years to come to remind them of that special day and the people who shared it with them.

Nice all the way around.

Lots of special thanks to the bride and groom for letting us have this much fun.