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<i>poster (rock 'n roll lyrics) : </i><b>ZZ Top / a haw haw haw haw</b>

poster (rock 'n roll lyrics) : ZZ Top / a haw haw haw haw


Project: Rock 'n roll lyrics / La Grange by ZZ Top

Size: 14.5" x 22.5"

Edition: 30 posters

Production notes: Printed from handset wood & metal type on a Vandercook Universal III by Lead Graffiti, May 2012

Paper: Somerset Textured White, 300 gsm

Color runs: two handrolled runs and one press run

     Click on the image for more detail

Rising out of a shorternship project with Ben Thoma and Chris Burket, we produced the first of what we hope is at least 25 posters featuring lyrics of some of our favorite songs. This poster highlights Billy Gibbon's "a-haw haw haw haw" from ZZ Top's La Grange, one of our favorite songs for several decades. Guitar at its best.

A great start to what we hope to be a fun on-going project.