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<i>clamshell (portfolio) :</i><br><b>Tour de Lead Graffiti 2012</b>

clamshell (portfolio) :
Tour de Lead Graffiti 2012

daily poster journal of the Tour de France

Project: Posters paralleling the 2012 Tour de France

Size: 14.75" x 22.5", 26 posters total

Edition: 25 portfolios + 5 sets broken into individual pieces, 20 composite prints with every run overprinted, and approximately 400 postcards cut from makeready sheets

Production notes: Signature block printed from a photopolymer plate and all of the rest of the imagery printed from wood & metal type and bicycle parts on a Vandercook Universal III by Lead Graffiti, July 2012.

Paper: posters / Somerset Textured White 300 gsm + clamshell with Lead Graffiti pastepaper

Color runs: 108

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. . .

This was endurance letterpress.

Each day from June 30 - July 21, 2012 we watched each stage of the Tour de France, looking for usable moments or incidents or comments, going to lunch (we had a number of guest printers joining in and we wanted them to contribure to the day's poster), talking about how to represent the stage using wood & metal type, and translating each day into a 14.75" x 22.5" poster printed slowly & patiently via letterpress.

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