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<i>poster (informative) :</i><br><b>Rules for hand setting metal type</b>

poster (informative) :
Rules for hand setting metal type

Lead Graffiti

Project : Poster for rules for handsetting metal type

Size : 14.5" x 22.5"

Edition : 45 prints

Production notes : printed directly from handset wood & metal type (colophon from our Intertype C4)

Paper : Somerset Textured White 300 gsm

Inks : 3 runs

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Sarah Zero (formerly Sarah Rosenthal) of Newark, DE, was a collaborator on this 2-day diversion. As she had taken at least one of our workshops she had the option to work with Lead Graffiti personal project on a shorternship

Jill had handset a small poster which we've had hanging in our studio to help students taking workshops keep track of some basic rules when working with handset wood & metal type.

1) Keep a galley slip. We want to be able to get all of the type back into the correct cases.

2) Set reading order with the nick up. It helps to not have to spend too much time thinking about the fact that when you print your type it all comes out backwards to the way you set it.

3) Begin and end each line with an em- or en-quad. Hard to explain in text, but in practice it really helps.

4) Use the fewest pieces possible. We are talking about using letterspacing, leading, and furniture. Insert one big one instead of 15 small ones. Just makes things fit better.

5) Make is snug. The pieces need to not wiggle around when you try to wiggle them around.

We plan to send the poster to 15 or so schools that have good letterpress programs. If you happen to be at a school with at least a pretty serious studio let us know. Otherwise, you can buy the poster for $30 + shipping and help us fund future projects in the same vein.