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<i>broadside:</i><b>Shakespeare & Boston Marathon bombing</b>

broadside:Shakespeare & Boston Marathon bombing

Shakespeare's birthday

Project: Celebration of Shakespeare's birthday

Size: 14.5" x 22.5"

Edition: 35 posters

Production notes: Printed from handset wood & metal type on a Vandercook Universal III by Lead Graffiti, May 2012

Paper: Somerset Textured White, 300 gsm

Color runs: Quote (3 runs / we only had 1 "o"), credit line (2 runs / we only had 3 "l"s, Shakespeare (4 runs which is explained below), and the colophon - total of 10 runs.

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We thought Shakespeare's birthday was an interesting starting point for a poster. We had also been absorbed in the Boston Marathon bombing news and wanted to find a way to connect two very diverse topics. So, we found this quote by Shakespeare which was great in itself.

Printing Shakespeare was our first shot at an idea we had been bouncing around for a while of using offset with letterpress. The name was printed on about 40 sheets in 2 handrolled runs (grey and red) onto very hard, non-absorbant paper using very little pressure so we could keep the amount of ink on the paper high. Then we cleaned the wood type and changed it position slightly. Then we put the handrolled paper back into the press and printed the ink from that paper back onto the wood type. Then we printed it onto the poster. So, Shakespeare took 4 runs to complete. If you know how to letterpress and you understand our process of making it you'll still be scratching your head.

Just for the record, we know we didn't break Shakespeare's name between syllables. What fun would that be. We thought the type would have a shakey look so "Shakes" works better for that anyway.