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<i>broadside:</i><b> Grateful Dead's

broadside: Grateful Dead's "Ripple in Still Water"

A Newark Arts Alliance auction resulting in an afternoon's diversion

Project: poetry broadside wedding gift

Size: 14.5" x 22.5"

Edition: 30 posters

Production notes: Printed from handset metal type & copperplates on a Vandercook Universal III by Lead Graffiti, October 2013

Paper: Somerset Textured White, 300 gsm

Color runs: 3 - 2 runs were a work and turn + the colophon text

     Click on the image for more detail

We offered a studio tour to our local Newark Arts Alliance to include in their auction. Rebecca bid hard to win an opportunity for her husband, Jordan, to experience letterpress. Jordan is a PhD candidate in English at the University of Delaware and was going to be taking a class at the Rare Book School at the University of Virginia. They were a great couple and it didn't take much discussion before we wanted to make the experience much better than we had originally intended.

We asked Jordan if he had a favorite quote. He pulled out "Ripple in Still Water" by the Grateful Dead. We like printing via letterpress without a net. So Ray fired back, “Let’s set the quote as a ripple with nothing straight.” In letterpress this is a fairly difficult way to jump into the type where the letters generally want to be locked in side-by-side.

Each of us took the words and set them in progressively smaller type to mimic the fading ripple. Jill walked up just as we were finishing the run and suggested doing a work and turn to double the ripple. It worked great and after an afternoon's diversion and a bit into the night we had ourselves a nice poster.

We had just had copperplates made of a bunch of Posado illustrations of skulls so we threw one of those to add a touch more Grateful Dead to the piece.