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<i>Moments Carved in Paper #3:</i> <b>Grading as a textbook

Moments Carved in Paper #3: Grading as a textbook

. . . $70 / $200

Originally when Ray Nichols graded, an “A” grade was in the 90s and a “B” grade was in the 80s. Then he discovered adhesive dots and the importance of defining work that was interesting versus not interesting.

Book no. 3 of our autobiographical series, Moments Carved in Paper, focuses on the three grading systems (Dots, Shelves, and Tennis Tournaments) Ray developed in his design courses, for which he was awarded the title of Grandmaster from the Art Directors Club of New York.

Looking back on a 3-decade career of teaching, Ray believes that one thing that contributed significantly to his students’ creative success was a series of  strategic grading systems he coupled with his insightful critiquing style. These grading processes helped students build a structure on which they could make their own thoughtful creative decisions.

Switching On: Grading as a textbook was produced as a flutter binding. The books are printed on Somerset Textured 300 gsm paper with type that sinks into the paper. The text offered the opportunity to play with images, both tipped in or ink-jet printed directly onto the paper, and the chance to experiment with some annotation.

We are currently working on the clamshell boxes for each of our "Moments" books. This one will contain a short 2nd book which explains that happened at the end of the semester with grading. This really helped me maintain a continuity amongst my grades from semester-to-semester for almost 25 years.