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<i>broadside :</i><br><b>Alphabetachaos #1</b>

broadside :
Alphabetachaos #1

a woodtype specimen sheet

PAPER : Somerset Textured White 300 gsm

INKS : 4 runs (alphabet in 3 runs, each with 2 colors, and the final run for the ampersand and title)

SIZE : 14.5" x 22.5"

     Click here for double-sized image.

Available for sale from our online store.

. . .

This is actually a reworking of a poster we did several years ago as an afternoon diversion, but never much liked how it came out. I had been wanting to redo it and though it might be a nice opportunity to also produce a time lapse film of the lockup process for the 3rd of 3 lockups that made up the actually woodtype alphabet.

We always liked the coloring of the arrows for the Tour de Lead Graffiti 2015 / Stage 8 poster.

Jill came up with the title for what we hope will be a series of type specimen posters. It will be interesting to see where this goes and how we might handle a 72 point typeface versus the almost 7" type shown here.

In conjunction with the printing of this poster we also did a time-lapse film of us locking up the 3rd lockup along with printing a few of the posters. You can see that 5 minute film on by clicking here.