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<i>Moments Carved in Paper #4:</i> <b>Endurance Letterpress</b>

Moments Carved in Paper #4: Endurance Letterpress

. . . $155 (softcover), $305 (clamshell)

We've been in a rush to get ready for the Manhattan Book Fair which is coming up and have not gotten all of the details for this project finished. Apologies.

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This book is the 4th in a series of autobiographical books recording some of our most memorable moments.

Moments Carved in Paper #4: Endurance Letterpress is about our personal project, Tour de Lead Graffiti, and our surprising introduction to endurance letterpress.

The book follows the format of our first 3 books in the series in that it is printed via letterpress, 5" x 9", and bound in a flutter-book format which allows us to produce a book using Somerset Textured 300 gsm stock which is much too thick for normal bookbinding methods. The book highlights our 5-year project, producing a poster for each racing stage and rest day of the Tour de France from 2011 through 2015.

Collaborators were invited to sit with us each morning and watch the Tour live on TV. We would then go to lunch and talk about what we saw (usually ending in a slice of pie, carrot cake or rice pudding). Then we would go to our 2,200 square foot letterpress studio and for the rest of the day, typically averaging about 9 hours, and produce a 14.5" x 22.5" poster translating the day's moments into a poster with handset wood & metal type.

We would print 45 copies of the day's poster, signed by all contributors. Each contributor would get 2 copies.

At the end of the 23 consecutive days, which for the Lead Graffiti staff averaged about 17 hours per day, the posters were collected into a purpose-made clamshell box for sale along with any extra copies. 

This book is the first in a subset of the Moments Carved in Paper series highlighting our favorite creative work, describes the process of coming up with the idea and how the project evolved. The main text is printed via letterpress with inset  high-resolution inkjet prints. An additional 5 spreads were printed via offset with stochastic imaging, each spread showing the clamshell photo and 8 images of posters from each year that we felt represented the variety that we loved in the posters.

Endurance Letterpress is available for sale in the standard edition and in a clamshell edition.