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<i>holiday (keepsake): </i><b>Bright Orange Thread M&Ms</b>

holiday (keepsake): Bright Orange Thread M&Ms

holiday keepsake for clients

Bright Orange Thread, a good friend in the design community and the designer of our Lead Graffiti website, wanted a New Year’s piece to send to current and potential clients.

We designed a keepsake in the form of a box with a star ornament printed via letterpress. We included 1/4 pound of orange M&Ms with a few dark blue ones included (BOT colors are orange and dark blue).

BOT’s business card topped the contents. The outside of the box was wrapped in gloss orange paper and tied with a dark blue ribbon.

Edition: 50 pieces

Production notes: The star was printed in a single color using a photopolymer plate. After folding and glueing the star, orange paper inserts were glued inside each ray of the star. The top was hole-punched and strung with bright orange thread for hanging.

Click on image for more detail.