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Type Art

Delaware College of Art & Design

Delaware College of Art & Design


We hand inked and printed the large type the night before. The next day we offered a type composition workshop to 16 students and faculty from the design program at the Delaware College of Art & Design. They had supplied us with two quotes. We had worked out how to break the quotes into a total of 17 lines (one per participant). Each set a line of text using different typefaces and sizes from the Lead Graffiti metal type collection.

These were each locked into a form and each of the students printed three copies.

The next day we set the block of names in the lower right of the poster and added this to the piece. We gave it a day to dry and drove over to DCAD and delivered the job to the participating printers. The students were great to work with and were highly motivated. They seemed to appreciate the final outcome even without the involvement of the computer.

Materials: Strathmore Superfine 100# Cover White

Inks: hand inking run + two black runs

Edition: 50 copies

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