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<i>wedding (booklet) :</i><br><b>Karla & Matt</b>

wedding (booklet) :
Karla & Matt

wedding invitation set

This was a nicely complicated invitation set. We don't print "off-the-shelf" or "pick from the catalog" invitations to always push the barriers a bit. This one does that a couple of times.

First is the architecture of the piece which required an imaginative way for the ribbon to secure the RSVP card (two versions), the return envelope and an invitation to a bonfire and also secure the outside. Looking at the photo it doesn't look hard, but the ribbon, has to be on the inside to hold the pieces in. Then it has to get to the outside, back to the inside and back to the outside to complete the wrapping so a wax seal could be used to hold it all in place. Jill did a great job figuring out that one.

Second, there are a lot of pages given the 16-page booklet that provided lots of Cape Code information for accommodations and excursions.

Third, was the map, with a solid, full coverage for the water surrounding Cape Cod, which most letterpress printers would tend to avoid by printing only the outlines. The wax seal was stamped with an ampersand we loaned the couple from our extensive metal type collection.

Production notes: Save the date, accommodations card + envelope; bonfire invite, RSVP (2 versions) + envelope; and 16-page booklet, invitation, cover with ribbon and wax seal + envelope

Materials: French Paper Company Steel Blue 100# cover, Crane Lettra 110# cover Fluorescent White with matching envelopes, ribbon, & wax seal

Inks: two inks (blue and sand) and blind embossed

Edition: 150 copies

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