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<i>wedding (wide) :</i><br><b>Mandy & Greg</b>

wedding (wide) :
Mandy & Greg

wedding invitation set

Another nice example of a not-off-the-shelf invitation that was a fun project from the calligraphy to searching for 30" wide deckle-edged paper.

The calligraphy was done by a friend of the bride and it was an excellent choice. Very Tim Burtonish calligraphy coupled with a distressed typewriter type. Not your normal typography for a wedding invitation, but the effect was fabulous and in complete character with the bride & groom.

An added bit of fun happened when we were asked to letterpress the addresses on each of the envelopes. At first that seemed like it would be a lot of work, but working with a photopolymer plate we could print them, one every 90 seconds or so, once we got rolling. We used a large M (for Mr. or Mrs.) which was positioned on the aluminum base with a mark so we could easily position the rest of the address. We also had a D for Drs. We carefully cut out all of the addresses and sorted them by the width of the longest line and would adjust the position of the plate every time they got longer so they would stay nicely centered on the envelope.

The paper was a nice find at Central Art & Supply in New York City. We were looking for a deckle-edged paper that was exactly 30" wide. The Somerset Velvet we ended up using came in a 30" x 44" sheet with the deckle along the right edges. Sweet.

The size of the piece is suprisingly small to fit in a 4-bar envelope (3.5" x 5.5") which provided a subdued elegance

Production notes: Six-panel accordion fold card with ribbon wrapping folded card, perforated RSVP + envelopes (2); and thank you notes + envelopes. The address for each invited guest was letterpress printed on each envelope.

Materials: Somerset Velvet Antique with matching envelopes

Ink: Black throughout

Edition: 81 copies

Click on image for more detail.