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<i>book (deluxe edition) :</i><br><b>Histories of Newark / deluxe edition</b>

book (deluxe edition) :
Histories of Newark / deluxe edition

300-page leather-bound deluxe edition

This book was printed offset.

We designed the Histories of Newark: 1758-2008 and took many of the contemporary photographs. The most striking element to the design is a band through the center of each page of full length figures of more then 3,700 Newark Citizens. One thousand copies of the hardbound edition were printed and have been sold.

In addition we produced a dozen deluxe leather-bound copies shown here.

The bindings for twelve numbered deluxe copies of Histories of Newark were created by Don Rash, Plains, Pennsylvania. Each book has a full leather case binding with a 1758 British silver half shilling coin inset into the front cover. The material is black Nigerian goatskin. The titles are stamped in silver and gray on spines and front boards. Blind impressions of silhouettes of the citizen photos are stamped into the spine and covers, aligning with the images in the text. In order to allow the obverse of the coins to be visible without disfiguring the original endsheets, new endsheet sections incorporating cloth inner joints were sewn onto the textblocks. New pastedowns with circular cutouts frame the coins on the inside of the covers. The paper for the new endsheets is vintage Curtis Rag from the former Curtis Paper Company of Newark, Delaware. The top edges of the textblocks are toned with acrylics, and there is a black ribbon marker in each book. The books are housed in slipcases covered with black bookcloth.

The deluxe book comes in an oversized library box with 27 pieces of letterpress and other ephemera, such as newspaper & magazine articles, posters, an unfolded dustjacket and endsheets with historical maps of Newark.

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