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1. stack of handmade books: top one shows the linen tape and mull prior to casing in with a hard cover.

2. finished book: handpainted pastepaper cover, purple bookcloth, ribbon marker, and endbands
with the text block sewn over linen tapes with long stitch.

3. bone folder: made from animal bone or Teflon and used in creasing, folding, tearing, and pressing.

4. linen thread and needles: durable thread available in many colors and often waxed for sewing signatures together.

5. glue brush: used to spread glue along spine to adhere signatures together and to glue
bookboard to the cover wrapping and endsheets.

6. awl or bodkin: used to punch holes in center of signatures in preparation for sewing.

7. pastepaper: paper which has been coated with acrylic-colored wheat paste. The paste is
"painting" with various combs, brushes, tools, and rubberstamps to create images and patterns.

8. end band: used at the top and bottom of the spine to add a bit of strength and nice decorative touch.