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Unfortunately, we don't have anything scheduled.

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Great pamphlet-stitched books

6 working hours over two evenings,
all materials and snacks included: $100

Why take this workshop?

If other bookmaking options seem too technical or fussy, the pamphlet stitch is hands-down the ideal way to dip your fingers in the bookmaking waters. It is a great workshop for younger bookmakers to do with a parent or friend to learn some handskills and to expand their creative impulses a bit.

And if you've done complicated binding before don't let this humble-sounding name fool you. Its pure simplicity of execution belies an incredibly versatile nature limited only by your imagination and the materials you use. Get inspired to add this technique and its variations to your own repertoire.

Just how versatile is it?

Easy to learn, the classic 3-, 4-, and 5-hole pamphlet stitch is adaptable to many formats and materials. Try inserting one or more text blocks to fill soft- or hard cover books. You can also spin it into elaborate greeting and thank you cards, wedding invitations, keepsakes, ornaments or more.

Some of the variations covered in this workshop include:

Below are examples of typical books made during this workshop.

For this workshop

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