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Pastepaper primer workshop

3 hours, all materials included: $70

What is pastepaper?

The use of pastepapers dates back to the late 1500s. While decorated papers covered with marbling, gilding or printed designs have typically been made on a larger commercial scale, pastepapers were (and still are) oddly considered a make-it-yourself medium. No doubt pastepapers allow handier bookbinders to offer more and different books with appealing covers at lower cost.

To make it, you simply brush a paste+color mixture onto a sheet of readymade paper and, using your hands or any tool you wish, make marks on the surface while it's wet. Using the paste as a carrier for the color gives remarkable shading and dimensional effects.

Why take this workshop?

What's not to like? No drawing skills needed here. It's a messy and colorful way to get in touch with your inner child for a couple of hours. Bring your kids or bring your friends and paint a short stack of large sheets to take home and use on book covers and end sheets, portfolios, decorative boxes, frames, cards and tags, gift wrap, scrapbooking and more. With samples and techniques to inspire you and lots of tools to choose from, you can create designs that will give your projects that truly personal, handcrafted-for-you touch.

At right shows a stack of unbound pastepaper covers Lead Graffiti produced for the 26 deluxe versions of a book entitled Allen Ginsberg—If Not Forever: A Letter to Jack Kerouac published by Sore Dove Press / San Francisco in 2008 and printed by Bottle of Smoke Press / Dover, DE.

For this workshop

Depending on humidity and thickness of paste, papers may require extra drying time and can be picked up later.

Workshop content

Below are a few samples of Lead Graffiti pastepaper using colored wheat paste and items such as plastic combs, drinking cups, rubber stamps, and our fingers.




We also use pastepapers to decorate picture frames as you can see below.