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Unfortunately, we don't have anything scheduled.

Send us an email or give us a call at (302) 454-1411 to express your interest or schedule for a group.


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Creative letterpress workshop:
2-color meander book

no prerequisite, 8 working hours + light lunch,
$100 (for 6-7), $90 (8-9), or $80 (10+) each
Minimum of 6, maximum of 14


Workshop overview

Warning #1: Be careful when registering for our Creative Letterpress workshops whether you are scheduling the "meander book" or the "H.N. Werkman" workshop. There is an extreme differences between the two both in content and cost.

Warning #2: We often do these workshops for specific groups. Make sure you are not signing up for one that has restricted admission.

In Lead Graffiti's CREATIVE LETTERPRESS workshop, we handle the technical aspects of the set up for printing so attendees can focus on the design and typography creativity and hands-on fun involved with printing via letterpress.

Over the past 8 years we have conducted letterpress and bookmaking workshops for more than 1,100 people. You do not need any prior experience for our creative letterpress workshops.

For those interested in our letterpress equipment rental, you must complete a technical workshop on the appropriate equipment or provide solid evidence of your technical expertise. This workshop, as it is a creatively-focused on the wood & metal type and not on the printing process, does not substitute for a technical workshop.

We've developed What we believe to be one of the outstanding letterpress workshops anywhere. This day-long, hands-on creative letterpress workshop for groups of 6 to 14 people, results in a small 2-color, hardback book that doesn't use sewing or gluing. Working with handset wood & metal type, you'll use your imagination to create your part of a group project focused on a creative use of wood & metal type. Anyone who likes doing things by hand and wants to push back from the computer keyboard for a day should consider this workshop.

Students will walk out of the workshop with an interesting typographic piece to include in their portfolio which will provide a great talking point in interviews for internships and jobs. As a résumé bonus the workshop can be noted under education as you took the workshop, and under honors & awards because your work is in Special Collections at the University of Delaware Library and the Lead Graffiti Archive in Rare Books and Special Collections at the Library of Congresss who maintains the complete series of our workshop books. We also send a copy to the library associated with any school groups.

Some creative workshops are OPEN registration for all comers and others are LIMITED registration set up for a set group. We do workshops for a number of area design schools which are restricted to their students. For any group of at least 6, we are happy to schedule a workshop that is reserved specifically for your group.

The end product of this workshop is an accordion-folded book (called a meander book). Everyone gets the opportunity to print using our handcranked Vandercook SP15 for their book's cover and our automatic Vandercook Universal III for the book's text block. The text block is printed as a broadside (printed on one side only) on a 16" x 20" sheet. After some creative folding and tearing, everyone inserts their text block into their handmade, no-sew, no-glue hard cover. You'll complete one copy of the book during the workshop and take home the materials to complete two more on your own.

Email us with any questions or specific requests.

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