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Unfortunately, we don't have anything scheduled.

Send us an email or give us a call at (302) 454-1411 to express your interest or schedule for a group.


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Printing on the iron handpress

7 working hours plus a light lunch. We are in the learning stages of working with the iron handpress, so the cost of this workshop is reduced from what we would likely charge for a day-long experience like this. Paper is an expensive cost in a workshop with all materials provided.

All necessary materials will be supplied.
Wear comfortable shoes and work clothing.

Our R. Hoe Washington #5 iron handpress, built around 1869 with a printing area of 25" x 38" and our super-royal Harrild & Sons Albion, built around 1928 with a printing area of 21" x 29", offer an opportunity to print with 2 different iron handpresses. Click here to read the story about our Harrild & Sons Albion.


The graphic was taken from the cover of a leather-bound, Stanley Morrison book in our collection showing a printer pulling a wooden "common" press. That is from earlier than the iron handpresses which started in the early 1800s, but the process is the same and you look just as good pulling it.

Both our Albion and Washington work with what is called a figure-4 toggle, which is easy to recognize if you think about looking from the end of the press back toward the camera.

Click here to read the story about setting up our Harrild & Sons Albion.

Click here to see some photos of some iron handpress owners and their presses.

Topics covered

This press is a bit of a physical workout, but you are truly in touch with historical printing techniques.

Typical project can include