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Vandercook technical workshop:
handcranked SP15 & automatic Universal III

7 working hours + light lunch, $120 each
Minimum of 3 to run with a maximum of 7


7 working hours + lunch : $120
minimum of 3 up to 6 attendees

Rental of Lead Graffiti's Vandercook equipment for your personal projects requires the completion of this technical workshop or solid evidence of adequate technical skills. Click here for more information on our rental policy, prices, etc.

Who needs a technical workshop?

We use our Vandercook SP15 and Universal III proof presses for about 95% of the work in our online portfolio. This includes work for clients such as The Metropolitan Opera, the Delaware Art Museum, Sprout TV Network, and the Art Directors Club of New York, along with our own projects connecting the writing of Bruce Springsteen and British author Nick Hornby and our personal Tour de Lead Graffiti endurance letterpress project.

This technical workshop is designed to provide a thorough foundation experience for printing on Vandercook proof presses. It is worth mentioning that there are many versions of Vandercooks and some may opperate in a quite different fashion from ours.

The workshop is ideal for :

Why the Vandercook?

These are very versatile cylinder presses which can easily provide the much sought after deep impression. They are quite safe and easy to operate as printing presses go and are therefore quite popular among designers and printmakers. Working on a flat bed makes setup much easier and adjustments or corrections are usually quick. We've held Vandercook-related workshops for over 700 people. These include a Boy Scout troop, an 8th-grade class who printed part of their diplomas, along with lots of creative letterpress workshops for college-level design students and professional designers.

These particular presses are quite fun to work with in that you are working flat on the bed of the press. We often produce work that is designed without using any form of sketch or pre-planned layout (without a computer) and set up directly on the press with handset wood & metal type, most notably our Tour de Lead Graffiti and Afternoon Diversion projects.

Our Vandercook presses

Our SP15 is a nice-sized cylinder press with a live printing area of 14" x 18". It is handcranked and gives you a good hands-on feel while you are printing. Though handfed, the SP15 is quite fast with an average speed of about 240 sheets an hour.

Somewhat larger, our Universal III has a live printing area of 18" x 24". While the paper is handfed, it prints at the push of a button or it can be set to 'run' with a controlled delay between ending one print and starting the next. This press has the advantages of a larger print size, improved registration accuracy (which is very important for work that requires double printing to achieve an absolute solid coverage), and a lack of physical effort when printing large sheets.

What you might want to print

Typical projects for a Vandercook could include

For this workshop

       No prerequisite
       Ages 12 to adult

Wear comfortable shoes and work clothing. If it is a winter workshop dress warmly. We provide all materials. Bring a camera and notebook to record the day.