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Shorternships explained

For many who take our workshops it is often hard to take that experience and use it if you don't have the equipment. So we want to offer a follow up to our workshop attendees to give them some practice. If you've taken a workshop, either technical or creative, we would be happy to help you keep the letterpress experience in your front of mind memory.

Many who try letterpress get a bit of the fever and often inquire about internships for people who want to take letterpress to the next level. Lead Graffiti is a fairly loose place and months-long internships don't fit well into our schedule. Our workflow is often quite erratic, so our rhythm is odd. Keeping someone busy on a daily basis is quite painful.

So we've come up with the idea of short internships, which are essentially very brief internship experiences, typically focused on a particular project (from which you can choose) and for a very limited amount of time—often for just a few hours. We will take as many as two people for a specificshorternship, so feel free to encourage a friend to pair up. We also wouldn't be opposed to your doing it a couple of times.

A lot of Lead Graffiti work is done for free (important friends, important causes, important fun, important chances to experiment) or nearly free, and it is that work that we're referring to in this post. For that reason we do not offer pay for Lead Graffiti shorternships. However, we realize your time is important and we have options we can offer in exchange that you can read about below.

Click here for Lead Graffiti's shorternship projects to-do list.

The timing heads-up: At least to start with this page may change quite often so be sure to refresh your browser. We hope to be able to update the list at least every other day, so it is possible that someone may have already claimed a project you'd like to work on. Bare with us, especially as we get shorternships started.

The don't-volunteer-if you-aren't- going-to-follow-through heads-up: Scheduling to do something as part of the shorternship experience forces us to move something forward which moves everything else downward. If you say you are coming we expect you to come. Period.


First take a Lead Graffiti workshop.

Sign up by clicking here to go to our make us an offer page. Be sure to tell us your name(s), school or where you are from, email addresses that you regularly check, the project you want to work on and suggest one or two times (weekends are ok if we don't have a workshop and evenings up until 9 pm). Let us know what your interest in letterpress is, and we'll try to make the experience more useful.

2 hour minimum up to as much as necessary or you want to spend.

OK to sign for up to 2 people at a time for a shorternship.

If you sign up, you must follow through.

At least generally speaking, you can have a couple of whatever you print for your own use. Books might be an exception.

We don't pay, but how about a trade?

20 hours - free technical workshop from any we are running as long as the minimum paying numbers are OK and you don't make it too many.

10 hours - 2 hours of free SP-15 press rental

10 hours - 1 free Tour de Lead Graffiti poster from those available.


If you are interested, help us understand how we could make this work for you in the context of your life. Email us any suggestion you think we should consider. What could we do to help you get some letterpress experience while all of us have some fun in the process?

Link to Lead Graffiti's shorternship projects to-do list.