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News 2014


Louisiana Tech Magazine article on the Tech state/T logo

This isn't about letterpress, but we wanted to put the article on my work on the Lousiana Tech logo from the Louisiana Tech Magazine somewhere.

Back when I was in late undergraduate school, Louisiana Tech wanted to redo its logo. The head football coach, Maxie Lambright, did a sketch on a scrap piece of paper. I was working as a ("the") university designer at the time so it landed on my drawing board. Over the rest of my undergraduate work (through the spring of 1970) and through graduate school (through the summer of 1971) I added to and slightly updated the logo.

It was on everything - football helmuts and the center of the football field, center of basketball court, university plane, watertower, cafeteria trays. I suspect I added it to 150 objects used across the university.

It has recently been updated and the new versions seems a little clunky.

If it were me, I would do the border of the state with a lot more detail. With rivers on both sides of the state, the Gulf of Mexico and the delta stretching with the Mississippi River, and Lake Pontchartrain, the shape of Louisiana is womderfully complex and different from any other states. I would have loved to see it like I drew it on top of page 13. I offered to do it for free, but the University seemed committed to the company that reworked it. That company wasn't even from Louisiana and that kind of sucks.

I've always been fond of my time at La Tech and getting to do the logo was a seriously great experience.