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          Tour de Lead Graffiti 2012
R E S T   D A Y:
          M√Ęcon > Bellegarde-sur-Valserine / 194.5 km

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Stage 10 / Tour de Lead Graffiti 2012

Available as an individual print
or in the clamshell box edition

In 1 word:

. . .

Start time today: 6:04 am

Completed: 10:29 pm

Time today: 16 hours : 25 minutes

Time to date: 169 hours : 22 minutes

Runs: 5 (sequence: green, rust, blue, black, red, dark violot)

Runs to date: 57

370 > 800 pixel wide enlargement

The day's story

Description: Today was a well deserved rest and unlike last year, which saw Johnny Hoogerland catapulted into a barbed wire fence, the previous day wasn't nearly as iconic. Last year we used a bike chain to draw the outline of France. We thought it might be interesting to use it again.

We established the type at the top and then locked a bike chain onto the bed of our press. The chain was hand-inked as we weren't quite sure if the rollers on our Vandercook Universal III would ink it well enough or if it might damage them over the 350 or so impressions that were going to be required.

It was quite a ritual. Tray was doing all of the steps for the printing of the main sheets, makereadies, and composite prints (about 80 prints total). Jill would pull the chain tight diagonally toward what is the lower left corner of the poster and would ink the diagonal chain down the left side. Ray would ink the right side and top of the chain. Then there would be a bit of a dance pushing the chain into a shape. There was no consideration at all for what previous runs might have looked like. Here are two additional posters to show the differences from one poster to another.

The lockup was pretty easy. We cut a piece of MDF the shape of the poster less the signature block so that the chain wouldn't intrude ito the block. You can see a photo below of how this worked. We used 12 point leading which has a hollow core. We drilled small holes for the nails and then we we drove the nails in the hollow core would collapse and make the nail heads lower than the top of leading.

General classification leaders & favorites

Yellow Jersey / Bradley Wiggins: 39:09:20

     Cadel Evans: + 01:53
     Christopher Froome: + 02:07
     Vincenzo Nibali: + 2:23

Printing details

Signatures: Ray Nichols, Jill Cypher, and Tray Nichols

Size: 14.75" x 22.5"

Stock: Somerset Textured White 300 gsm

Main typography: 12 line Agency Gothic Outline, 12 line Stymie Bold Condensed

Production notes: handset wood & metal type. The stage / signature block was preprinted using photopolymer plates.

Press: Vandercook Universal III

Three of today's photos