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Rental policies


Studio and equipment rental policies

Our studio space is available for rent for personal projects in letterpress printing or bookmaking. You may bring a second person with you that is at least 15 years old for no additional charge. Often having a second set of eyes and hands can be helpful.

We will always be in attendance during any time you have reserved. We are also willing to provide reasonable technical assistance, but we expect renters to try their best to be professional and careful letterpress printers or book binders.

Lead Graffiti is a working studio with responsibilities to clients, other users, workshops, and a work schedule to maintain. Users are welcome to rent any equipment not engaged for Lead Graffiti projects. Lead Graffiti may limit the number of consecutive hours or consecutive days depending on our needs. We also do a lot of workshops with scheduled groups and with a 2-week notification, we reserve the right to cancel scheduled times and/or equipment.

Studio rental is defined as using our space to work on your projects. Studio rental includes tabletop presses (only), proofing, tables, type (setting and redistributing), bookmaking equipment and tools (not supplies), cutters, board shears, and light table. We do not have specific space for storage of materials related to ongoing projects, but will try to accommodate your needs on a short term basis. Galleys are available for you to store type for a reasonable length of time. Cleaning up ink mixing trays, rollers, and ink knives counts as studio rental time.

Press equipment rental is defined as working directly with our presses, which includes makeready, printing and cleanup, essentially any activity that keeps someone else from using the press. Lead Graffiti will supply our full range of ink and solvents within reason, tympan, and necessary tools (bases for photopolymer plates, cleaning supplies, ink knives, brayers, inking trays, press furniture, quoins, proofing presses, etc.). Printing plates and paper for makeready and printing must be supplied by the user.

With months between sessions technical details working with the equipment can be hard to remember and we may require you take an additional technical workshop if we feel you are unlikely to be able to perform without much attention on our part or charge you for our technical assistance.

Most presses are heavy duty, industrial equipment, but repair for damages inflicted on the equipment is the responsibility of the renter.

Equipment rental should require minimal Lead Graffiti staff time or we may require additional charges.


Any person who repeatedly ignores or violates equipment safety or creates hazards for other people will be barred from using the Lead Graffiti studio or equipment.

Lead (in the form of type and spacing material) is only harmful to your health if you ingest it. The only precaution necessary is washing your hands before eating (we supply two different soaps which you must use), handling food or touching your face. We instruct workshop attendees in the safety aspects for the tools and equipment they will be using in the workshops. Attendees and rental users must sign a personal injury waiver for each workshop or piece of machinery they wish to use.


Please try to park next to our studio space in the parking lot and on no occasion should you park in front of any garage service doors other than the one belonging to Lead Graffiti.